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This Is Who I Am

J. Nicole Signature Sweets, LLC is owned and operated by Jessica Nicole Sinclair. Her husband Ralph Sinclair serves as Director of Customer Service and Logistics. J. Nicole Signature Sweets is a Minority owned business established in 2017. Jessica is a certified ServSafe Food Manager and holds a Master of Public Administration (2005) and a Bachelor of Arts in English (2002)--both from Florida State University in Tallahassee, Florida. She has held director-level positions in organizational analysis, strategic planning, fundraising and development for 15 years. Ralph has worked in customer service and sales for 20 years, and has a decade of logistics experience.

From 1996 to 2015, Jessica was a single mother struggling to make ends meet. She worked and developed business ideas but lacked the start-up capital and courage to launch. In 2014, Jessica became unemployed due to her employer’s reorganization strategies. She lost her job as director of development, her salary, and benefits. By the year’s end, she had spent all of her savings paying the mortgage on her home and caring for her teenaged daughter. As she looked for work, Jessica worked with young women and aspiring entrepreneurs helping them see beyond their circumstances and realize their potential. In the meantime, she incrementally began to develop the J. Nicole Signature brand.

In 2015, Jessica was awarded the unsung hero award from the Oasis Center for Women and Girls for her work and achievements in the community and her demonstration of tenacity overcoming teenage pregnancy and obtaining two degrees by age 25. With her confidence building again, Jessica began to share her product with the public, being careful to solicit feedback about the taste and presentation of her miniature pies. She was featured as a guest cook on the local morning news and decided it was time to go into business.

Unfortunately, Jessica had to move out of her Tallahassee home as the bank began foreclosure proceedings. Even the short sale attempts fell through. However, Jessica regrouped and moved in with her parents for eight months after her daughter left for college.

After almost two years of unemployment, Jessica moved to Americus, Georgia and began to rebuild her life.

In 2016 she was married and six months later was hired by Habitat for Humanity International as their senior specialist in the Women Build department where she writes project management plans, conducts event planning and reporting. During the time that she has been in Americus, Jessica noticed the lack of a place that specialized in desserts or other sweets. Ever the budding entrepreneur, Jessica knew she was looking for the right opportunity to launch her business. Jessica has overcome the toughest times in her life and is poised to work in harmony with her dreams once again. She is ready to make her mark with J. Nicole Signature Sweets, LLC.

This business endeavor represents years of delicate planning and a refusal to give up. It is presented with the hopes of inspiring others to reach for a purpose even when life isn’t so sweet.

“Our sweets are so Devine”

J. Nicole


Continuing Jessica’s commitment to supporting women entrepreneurs—particularly young and single mothers, J. Nicole Signature Sweets also hosts Keep Empowering YourSelf (K.E.Y.S.)--entrepreneurship sessions bringing together visionaries with legacies of women in education and enterprise to promote self-sufficiency, stability and business ownership in the underserved community