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On the first Friday of every month we will host “Pie by Night”. This is an evening event that will invite a local talent to share songs, book readings, play live music, give motivational messages and network while allowing patrons to sample selected pie recipes for a $7 entry fee per person.  The expense of this event will include the purchase of high boy tables and seating. Therefore, we look to add this feature in month six, depending on revenue. Proceeds from Pie by Night will benefit a cause related to kidney disease, substance abuse or mental health with a goal of funding three scholarships 1) to Middle Flint Behavioral Health’s New Beginnings program in Americus, Georgia; 2) to Twelve Oaks Rehabilitation Center in Navarre, Florida and 3) to a patient in need of a kidney transplant.

Party patrons pay to decorate their own cupcakes. We provide the icing, toppings and cupcake. Our decoration specialist demonstrates how to decorate with precision. Patrons can choose from four to six count personally decorated cupcakes and receive a complimentary two-pack to take home. Perfect for gender reveals, baby showers and children’s parties.